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We commit ourselves to various causes and some are so sincere as to lay down their lives. We spend lot of time and effort in finding something that would give meaning to our lives.

The Journey

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To fully give love and forgive, to freely admit ones mistakes, to routinely cleans ones glasses, to meditate with ones whole being, to smile and laugh, to dance in the sun and the rain, to see God in

Helping those in Need Part 2

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Helping those in Need Part 2
Questioner: In some of the distant countries it would appear that poverty is so general that even that would not be possible.

Control world 1

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Before you read this
try to imagine Politics at a Galactic and Universal level

the Cycles are yugas

Control world 1

Life is like a river of humanity flowing.

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No Chance!

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Life is not caused by chance,
Know, at His merciful glance
All of us infinitely dance,
Whatever they may prance,
Only He gives us a chance
To reach Him through penance.



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Life is a journey towards goal. Each individual have seperate mision and vision.

Life & Death

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It is an interesting question why we separate life and death. We take death to mean something that happens with the body at the very end of life span.

Enjoy life as it comes

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Life's like a piano, the white keys represent happiness and black shows sadness but as you go through life's journey, remember that the black keys too make music. Enjoy life as it comes.

— Anonymous


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Life is not a problem but our interpretations of it create it. Therefore, in a sense we are the Lord of our own created problems.