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A valid proof that life cannot have any meaning

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The very fact that people die around us in a completely arbitrary way...

The very fact that some people are born and immediately die...

All Is Well

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I found some objects in my pocket, unsure of their utility.
A cushion under a tree for a cloud over the sea.

He knew that I should have the rope, the pot and the bag

god is (poem)

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god is music.
god is movies.
god is that random guy i just talked to for five minutes in line at the grocerie store.
god is homeless.
god is starving.
god is wealth and burden.

Not seeing the magic

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It's not that you don't see the magic,
you simply got used to it,
and so you take it for granted -
you don't see the magicness of the magic anymore.

Take for example

TOP 10 SPIRITUAL QUESTIONS you would love to get True answers to...

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I am very curious to know: What are your TOP 5 or TOP 10 Main-Major Questions about Life-God-Sprituality in general...

Living Non-Duality

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One of my favorite photographs, is of a young monk meditating under the stairs of his monastery. It reminds me of my longing to be a monk, and my desire to "hide myself away".

“Tying up the Camel”

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NOTHING changes
{pun intended}

What a paradox .

This Nothingness.

And this Change.

And yet,

Everything Changes…!!!

Even though
Nothing changes.


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The Jewish concept that GOD IS THE JUDGE is of great importance. It means that NO MAN HAS THE AUTHORITY TO JUDGE. Judgment should be left in God's hands.

Good Morning!

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It is another beautiful morning to be on the planet!

Tomorrow is not promised

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Sometimes people come into your life.
And you know right away they were meant to be there.
They serve some sort of purpose, Teach you a lesson,