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My Path to Spirituality Has Been A Strange One...

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It is really strange.. I started my path in pagamism, then went to BDSM with energy exchange and power exchange.. That taught me a lot about the concepts of Darkness and Light..

Corners turn

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Are we like a book?
Do we have a beginning and do we have an end?
Do we split our life up into chapters?
Do we allow others to read us?
If we were a book, how long would our stories be?

Life is a mixture of periods of joy and sorrows.

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11) One should grow in life emulating the example of a coconut tree by being useful to the society. Growth should not be like a wild tree, serving no purpose.

You should be away from the persons who are ungrateful in nature,

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31. At the end of the day, you should summarize your activities and conduct. Question self whether you have behaved like an animal or a human being.


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never fear for life becuase the god has fixed only one time and day for every one but we people in fear dies so many time in life in imagination. why we are doing the job of god ?

All those who talk sweetly cannot be friends.

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191) When women are not respected, the society does not prosper. Goddess "GAYATRI" has incarnated (as Shakthi Swaroopini) to rectify the malady.

Justice and injustice always exist side by side.

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71) You have taken the driver's seat in bus travel (journey through life) with co - passengers of all types and classes.


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Still with Life, DREAMS are born, Beyond dreams lies our DESTINATION, with destination we sight BARRIERS, Barriers help us gather Courage, with courage we get FAITH. And those who move forward with Perseverance and Faith WIN.

— Anonymous


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Life isn't just a destination, its a journey. We all come across UNEXPECTED CURVES and turning points. Mountain Tops and VALLEY'S. Everything that happens to us, SHAPES who we are becoming. And in the adventure of each day, we DISCOVER the best in OURSELVES.

— Anonymous

life thoughts

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Before you pray, believe
Before you speak, listen
before you spend, earn
before you write, think
before you quit, try
and before you die, live life with happiness.

— unknown