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“The Song of the Snow Ranges”, Milarepa

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If one stays too long with friends
They will soon tire of him;
Living in such closeness leads to dislike and hate.
It is but human to expect and demand too much

Symptoms of Kundalini awakening - see list

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I compiled a list of symptoms that occur during a Kundalini awakening. I assembled it from several resources on the net and books and included mainly those which I personally experienced.

Herbs and kundalini

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I'm looking for some info about the use of herbs to awaken Kundalini

Publications of the Lineage of Swami Narayan Tirth Dev Maharaj

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Publications of the Lineage of Swami Narayan Tirth Dev Maharaj

Publications of Shri Yogananda Maharaj in Hindi

Mahayoga Vijnana

My experience of Kundalini Awakening through Shaktipat with yogi madan gautam part--1

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Yogi Madan was kind enough to offer me Kundalini Shaktipat awakening. I am a westerner living in the Caribbean who has only connected with Yogi Madan via email and one telephone call.

The negative side of Kundalini Chakras.

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What people mostly ignore when getting attracted by the powers or experiences is the negative side of each chakra.

Kaula Tantra

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Kaula Tantra is external Tantra that focuses on concrete practices and rituals.

Secrets of Tirumantiram, an ancient Tamil classic-1 Tirumoolar’s Kundalini Techniques:

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What is Kundalini? Kundalini or Serpent Power or Chakra Power is a natural power that lies in each and every human being. Then what is so special about it?

What is Shaktipat?

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Can someone explain me in short and in plain English the basic terms of the Kundalini stuff. I couldn't understand it for sure from the endless texts around.


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When two big powers collide, there will be fusion. It creates much confusion. A big bang is produced. A single power however energetic it might be, with however speed it vibrates, doesn’t explore.