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Black Hole= Big Bang = Samadhi

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The Hindus of old used their Supreme Science (the use of meditation to study thoughts)
to give us nonduality, the Monism called Advaita .. ?? name for Modern Physics.

Realization is derealization

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Realization is derealization:
when spirit/Kundalini manifests it-Self to thoughts, mind,
it derealizes the body
-- when Spirit reveals the body to be what it really is, Spirit --

the dynamics of Kundalini

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Self is ALL, Everything,
there is no other.

Self masquerades as everything in the Universe.

When Self manifests it-SELF to the mind
the Hindus of old called it Kundalini, Shakti, Shaktiput

The Saga of Karma

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Reality: The Appearance of matter.
Realization: the Disappearance of the appearance of matter.

Kundalini, Shakti, Self, is this Disappearance of the appearance of matter.

Meditation's Realization

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there are the likes of Yogis and even gurus and gods
who meditate for decades
sometimes for more than 20 hours a day
with the thought: “I control Samadhi”

Oscar: Best Actor.

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Oscar: Best Actor.

I'm always acting.
Not only acting, but acting on top of all sorts of actings.

I Act and society acts for me

Allowing Meditation to Happen

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"It is important to realize
that meditation techniques like
watching your thoughts
or resting your attention
on consciousness
are techniques and not meditation itself.

kundalini can ...

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Kundalini can open you to your worst fears and to your greatest joys.

Inside of the current societal standards it is the fear that is often responded to first.

Supreme Science

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over 5000 years ago Sages around the Indus River in India did something that since that time no group of individuals have duplicated.

Enlightenment & The Importance of Kundalini Shakti

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"Underneath everything
is silence;
deep, profound, infinite silence.

It is in everything
yet remains
as nothing.

The spiritual path
is very slippery
because of this.

Because the mind