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The levels of abuse and debasement of a student at the hands Master Chrism

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Chris Mitchell is by far one of the most covert and spiritually disgusting so called teachers I have ever witnessed. He has every single attribute of a cult leader.

Chris Mitchell (Chrism) is dangerous fake guru, stay away.

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Hello dear seekers!

KAS1 Safeties Protocol Installment #2

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Programming (TV, movies, books, music, friends, family, society)

Shakti guided...

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Today I went to the event and set up for my basket demo. chrism had asked me if I would be passing out KAS1 cards and I replied no, yet when I went to pack I put a few in with my things.

KAS1 Safeties Protocol Installment #1...

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Kundalini Awakening Protocols by chrism

The safeties protocols can be found at this URL:

Installment #1