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Could people please explain to me how the universe, us,time,and the other dimensions correlate and do they have a specific fixed point of existence or are they products of our mind?


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Truth is understanding of Our ultimate Reality.
Ultimate Truth is "Realization of God".
Awakening is the way to Self Realization.


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Once I know myself as I am what else is there to know?

Self Enquiry

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Desire to Know and Know desire.

Life is Experience....

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LIFE is a Experience...
Better to Live your Life with the Journey of Experiences....
Every Experience is a KNOWLEDGE...

— Self

The Wise Vs Fools

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Knowledge contains both good and bad.
The bad is taken by fools who are mad,
The wise take only the good with their minds fixed
Like royal swans sip only milk though the water be mixed.

Ashtavakra Gita....Chapter 3

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Ashtavakra Gita...
Chapter 3

Ashtavakra said:
Knowing yourself as truly one and indestructible,
how could a wise man like you-
one possessing self-knowledge-

A Saint Is Known!

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A saint is known when he speaks truth sound,
A wife is known when thee worries surround,
A friend is known when on thee foes pound,
You are seldom known when you confound,

Tell me what you know

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I am totally new to spirituality and all practices. I have no religios pAst and need your help to explain to me all you know.


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Transcendent realizations may occur when ones consciousness
has been somewhat clarified by right spiritual practices or may occur effortlessly without prior indication of there emergence.