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An joy is Everywhere

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An joy is Everywhere;

It is in the Earth's green covering of grass;
In the blue serenity of the Sky;
In the reckless exuberance of Spring;
In the severe abstinence of grey Winter;

In the living flesh that animates our bodily frame;
In the perfect poise of the Human figure,noble and upright,in Living;
In the exercise of all powers;
In the aquisition of Knowledge;
In fighting Evils.......
Joy is there Everywhere.

— Rabindranath Tagore

Three Steps to Self Enquiry

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Three steps to Self Enquiry are

To know the error

To know the truth about Self Objectively (scientifically)

To be the Truth


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To know or have an insight into the structure of psyche is enlightenment.

Knowing does not take time.

Fall in love with "Mystical book".....

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My Gratitude to beloved Gurudeva Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda on his Birth Anniversary…5th.Jan.

Nectar Speeches of the MahaAnand

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"Mother is gained by ‘devotion-yoga’ and can be a mother by ‘knowledge-yoga’. Now your expectation is–

God’s child – wants to get God and his love, kindness and also wants to be happy by getting the touch of God. Men who are just been adult want God. Child of God will be God a time. Will the tiger’s offspring be tiger or not?

Yoga (contact or way of contact) devotion-yoga or knowledge-yoga or any other, according to conscious stage everything is good, everything is perfect.

On the other hand, the way which avoid the development of mind and inspire the blindness and worst quality (lowest quality), be aware about the way. Don’t set your foot in that minus or worst way. "

— MahaAnand


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I don’t know anything.

I was beginning to think I knew so much.
I knew too much, even.
Am realizing that I don’t know anything.

The initial reaction is shock.
Almost paralyzing.

Knowledge Exposes

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I am standing on the balcony of my 9th floor apartment,again.
It’s 1.30 am.
It’s quiet….the darkness of this hour.
I look out at the lake below-shimmering in the moonlight.

Word of MahaAnand

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“Not only I but also all,
Going to the ultimate goal of destiny.
Some in knowledge, some in illusion,
Some knows, some don’t knows
Actually we all are wayfarer of same way.
Destiny is from senseless to completely consciousness,
Through the activities, and enjoyment.
Through the experience of knowledge
Continuous walk– none is stopped here,
It is not also possible to stop---
There is no way but go forward,
Backward is untrue imagination.
According to nature, situation and happenings
Someone is at front some at back,
Some one who is at back
Don’t neglect, Mind it,
You also crossed the same stage once a time.
Once a time, his conscious will come......"

— MahaAnand

No Title

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Truth may have been found but might never be known.

— Kedar Joshi

Learned & Un-Learn

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Drop all learned and just resume innate.

First you learned with effort. Now drop all learned with effortless. Just effortlessly resume innate harmony when we come into being.

You are peace and living enlightenment!

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan