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Master Chrism

Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Kundalini Awakening
Main Countries of Activity: 
United States, Australia, Europe
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Zamora, California
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 

Blinded_by_chrism kundalini

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I reached out to the fraud that calls himself Master Chrism, i was fooled by his fraudulant ways. He seemed like a sweet heart dedicated to helping those with kundalini and kundalini phenomenon.

The levels of abuse and debasement of a student at the hands Master Chrism

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Chris Mitchell is by far one of the most covert and spiritually disgusting so called teachers I have ever witnessed. He has every single attribute of a cult leader.

Kundalini Whirlwind

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While inside of a whirlwind we can experience all sides of a situation, up, down, side to side, forward, backward, inside and outside. What we do and how we perceive the experience is up to us. Kundalini can be such a whirlwind.- chrism

— chrism