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In the beginning my Father said"let there be Light"and there was & I my brothers and sisters came to be & we were that light,Individual Atoms of light & consciousness in the Image of our Father.


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All karma is really self-imposed. If something is bothering you, go away from it, leave it alone, and it will cease to trouble you. We trouble ourselves, because we are attached.

— Omkaradatta

Dharma or love

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The heart when is not living and making its life a life of love, feels out of place; and all the discomfort of life comes from this...

The right action

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No amount of common sense, a good will or being responsible is enough to act rightly and to perform the right action, because all those notions are always individually bound by man-made concepts and however noble in their agenda will always fall short of the action performed in freedom from the karmic influences...
...The absolute right action is based on one's level of awareness which in turn rests on being established in the Self. That is the only criteria for the right action. When man acts without longing, freed from the duality of the opposites, firmly established in Self-referral state, he is fit for the action which always promotes peace and evolution...

— Igor Kufayev

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This is my webpage.Its in progress. I have some artworks and text there. All about Spiritual matters. The text is only in Swedish right now but will also be abel in English in the future.

Karma, Bhakti and Jnana in Service to Others

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Matthew 25:

34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

Good Karmas or Deeds are like "Gold chains" in the hand of prisoner,

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"MIND" or we are bunch of Karma or deeds, both good & bad,
Relatievly we have Thoughts or budhhi according to that,

That is way different peoples have different Views, thoughts or budhhi,

When it comes to crime, I find the concept of Karma confusing !

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When it comes to crime, I find the concept of Karma confusing. If we see a crime taking place, the natural impulse is to try and prevent it.

The inner meaning of the word 'Karma'

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The inner meaning of the word 'Karma'

On Karma

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Karma is essentially Divine. Action is the basis for creation, for growth, for fulfillment, for harmony, for poise and bliss. Man should know how to act.