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Our insignificance

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Plant an identity and self consciousness in something and soon after, it will recognize itself and believe that it is highly significant.

How do I apologize to karma?

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I'm kinda coming to the conclusion that I must have been a real son of a ***** in my past lives. In this life, I've always sought to be a good and useful person.

How does Karma work - or - acting rather than reacting is all that counts

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(I wrote the following as a reply to http://www.gurusfeet.com/blog/how-free-karma-doing-or-not-doing and thought it is worth a dedicated blog post)

How to free from karma - by doing or not doing ?

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What is karma ?

What is karma?

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What is karma?

what is ultimate ?

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karma yog ,gyan yog ,hath yog ,karma kandand so many types of meditations written in vedas and teachings of gurus all leads to stage of compleet surrender ie bhakti .it is ultimate.

Where is the destiny ?

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I believe in karma, what you give, you get return but God gave us free will too, we can choose what we wanna give.

Dexterity in Action

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We saw in the previous blog that efficient and diligent action in daily life bring out intelligence. Now this concept of action (Karma) is vital to our understanding of spiritual life.


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Jesus ,teachet love yuor ennemy ,Why dont we?

Karma ,rebirth after millions off rebirth we did`nt learn much ?

Interconnection :Why we seperate?

Why we divide?

Gurus why so manny ?