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A thought

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I float in the thoughts of someone …..
Someone who seems to know……..
But the thought itself is pointing….
For me to go solo……….

What was so mine, for so long………….

Original music track-Ching Theory

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In this battle with head and neck cancer, music has been an enormous help in taking focus back into the heart and consciousness rather than pain of the body.

Life is Experience....

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LIFE is a Experience...
Better to Live your Life with the Journey of Experiences....
Every Experience is a KNOWLEDGE...

— Self

What Happens?

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What Happens? What happens when your soul Begins to awaken Your eyes And your heart And the cells of your body To the great Journey of Love? First there is wonderful laughter And probably precious tears And a hundred sweet promises And those heroic vows No one can ever keep. But still God is delighted and amused You once tried to be a saint. What happens when your soul Begins to awake in this world To our deep need to love And serve the Friend? O the Beloved Will send you One of His wonderful, wild companions ~ Like Hafiz.

— Hafiz

Guided Journey: Mending Humanity's Broken Psyche

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02/04/2018 - 19:00
02/04/2018 - 22:00

Guided Journey: Mending Humanity's Broken Psyche
Live Online Event, Online Call
4th Mar 2018, Sunday

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Online Event
Dave Oshana
Sliding Scale: 30€ - 15€