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Little Boy Blue!

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Little Boy Blue,
Who is true shepherd
Aka true cowherd.
Come blow your horn,
The sheep's in the meadow,
The cow's in the corn;
Where is the little boy
Who looks after the sheep?

Them who seek

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Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over The All.

— Yeshua (a.k.a. Jesus of Nazareth)

The same in itself

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Everything is the same in itself, nothing changes in that sense.

— Maitreya of Nazareth

Hard Is Truth's Course

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Who has not practiced avarice?
Even after knowing about Jesus’ self-sacrifice.
And they took to guns throwing away swords
Even after listening to Mohammed’s words.

Kingdom Of Heaven!

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Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you”.
Now I feel Jesus is quite true
As I sing by the grace of my Mentor.
“Heaven is in the heart’s center

God Is For The Young & Bold!

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God is not for the old
When the senses are cold;
They wasted their youth
Hence difficult is truth.
He is for the young and bold;
Only they can behold.


Maya & Mind

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“Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. And after He had fasted forty days and forty nights, He then became hungry.

Each Is A Clown

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On ruler’s head
They put a golden crown.
On politician’s head
They put a nation’s crown.
On beauty queen’s head
They put a diamond crown.
Sure, each is a clown
As on Jesus’ head

The now

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The now is love, there is no other time.

— Maitreya of Nazareth.

No meaning

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My thoughts, statements and written words mean nothing to the truth about yourself. You do not have to understand anything to come to the truth about yourself. Do not try to understand me, or do not do something what seems to be important that I tell you. All your research and efforts do not mean anything, you do not need to understand, or do anything. Do not think my message is important. In essence, student and teacher are equal to each other, there is no transfer. Follow no one, celebrate diversity, embrace unity.

— Maitreya of Nazareth.