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Why Not

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Two little words.

Why not ?

They changed my perspective of life.
Taught me to accept life in all it’s flavours.
The positive and the negative.
The here and now.
And to go with the flow.

Same Thing

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Apparently one of the most difficult things to "get" is that the non-dual and dual are the same thing.

So we really don't have to hide out in emptiness and not being a person and saying everything is a dream, an illusion. That is a half-baked state.

This, as you/it are right now, is IT.

— Tom Thompson on Face-book


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The starkness of this understanding can alarm the seeker's mind and at first glimpse many recoil back into the familiar.
Many will dance around the fire but linger at a safe distance keeping the illusion of personal autonomy alive with cleverness and shell games.
The simple apprehension that this is it.....this ever emerging momentary...this streaming objectified perspective is all there is......is to most, terrifyingly empty.
To those who leap into the flames.....it is emptiness......overflowing.

— Michael Markham

There Is Not Even Nothing

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A sage is a mirror of a seekers love and emptiness

— Nancy Neithercut