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Meeting the deaf-dumb children instigated self-realisation

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I believe one shudnt hold onto anything,coz d more yu think,d more yu get depressed,if its a sad thought,shud be a little stoic and detached.

Bhagavad Geeta - Thus spake Lord Krishna


In tranquility there is no sorrow. The intellect of him who is tranquil-minded is soon established in firmness.

How to Find Inner Peace and Freedom Instantly

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"It is natural
that thoughts
and feelings arise
and disappear.

What is unnatural
is when we grab hold of them
as though they mean something
and don't let go.

Obsessing over thoughts

The same in itself

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Everything is the same in itself, nothing changes in that sense.

— Maitreya of Nazareth

Peace in the sea of chaos...

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Peace in the sea of chaos©

It is quite interesting how the polarity of opposites creates conflict, while balance, acceptance and ultimately forgiveness create peace.

Realization … Hoop-jumping

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From the day One is born
it must learn to jump through one hoop after another
just to prevent “war.”

the day One refuse to jump through hoops


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We do not experience consequences of what has no cause. There is only this moment where you have nothing to give meaning. There is a place where we do not have to understand anything, we do not have to interpret anything. A place where we do not have to grow through pain. Beyond stages and so-called spheres, a place where everything is the same. Beyond the person with character and opinion, beyond the world of thoughts and feeling is your beingness, which never was not.

— Maitreya of Nazareth.

Bhagavad Geeta - the peace


That man who lives devoid of longing, devoid of all desires, devoid of the sense of 'I - AND - MINE', attains to peace.

in the center is peace

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I live and move and have my being in peace.
I realize that there is a divine solution to every challenge.
I let all my burdens dissolve into nothingness.

What's i am?

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Everything consists of who I am. -Maitreya-

— Maitreya of Nazareth.