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The First Sinner!

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Whom should I blame most?
When I looked at my inner most
I found myself worse than a ghost;
This is the truth, that I boast.
Whom should I blame most
Speaking the truth, I am the sinner first.

Naam Jaap

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"Japa or Jaap stops the chattering of the mind. We start transcending our thoughts and senses and experience deep, rich inner calmness.", says His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda.

— His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda


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Authority both outer and inner is not such a good thing.

Energetic imbalance

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The whole problem originates at a deeper layer in mind. We could call this an energetic imbalance. Hence, any attempt to do corrections at the surface yields no return.

Inner & Outer

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A certain amount of preparedness is essential to assimilate Vedantic truths. In my opinion this is true of any spiritual path. This can be understood through the symbolism of coconut.