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God the Mysterious...

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We all live our lives based upon our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Through these experiences we all tend to develop a “philosophy” about the world in which we live.

St. Expedite Egalitarian Prosperity Challenge

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Unconditional Love.....

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Loving...unconditional, forever love.....

Awaken From Our Personal & Collective Dreams

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"Unless we awaken from our personal and collective dreams we will continue to live in a state of unconsciousness on the surface of a life of infinite potential."

— Adyashanti

Awakening into The Infinite

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"There is a level of reality in this moment
that is beyond all definitions.

It is conscious but to define it as consciousness
limits what it really is.

It is infinite, fathomless.

The Bigger, Better, Me

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Hanging on till the nails bleed
Quickly filling in the blanks with a bigger, better, me

Sounds real puuurrrrtttty

Or eternal consciousness
Or soul
Or even god