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A message to Indian members: It's impossible to read when CAPITAL LETTERS and improper punctuation

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Can someone explain me why many Indian members here write in capital letters only? It is impossible to read such texts at all, it is like someone shouting.

Indian people and inconsistency

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Indian people are consistent in only one thing: inconsistency.

This is why they find it so hard to obey to the law.

A trick here, a trick there, bakshish here, bakshish there, tika tika.

Sharad Utsav: Bhajan Sandhya "An Evening of Devotional Songs)

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10/21/2013 - 20:30
10/21/2013 - 22:00

On the occasion of "Sharad Utsav" and Pujya Paad Shri Guruji Shriyogeshvara Chaitanya's day of appearance Shiv Shakti Kul organizes an evening of devotional songs "Bhajan Sandhya" The devotional singi

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Shri Kashta Bhanjan Hanumandev Mandir|Near Avichal Udyaan, Diwali Pura, Vadodara.
Shiv Shakti Kul
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