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Attachment & Hatred

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How does one remove attachment and hatred? The only solution is to consider this entire illusory world as a creation of the mind. Praise and insult, attachment and hatred only augment the apparent reality of this illusion.

— Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu

Word of MahaAnand

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“Not only I but also all,
Going to the ultimate goal of destiny.
Some in knowledge, some in illusion,
Some knows, some don’t knows
Actually we all are wayfarer of same way.
Destiny is from senseless to completely consciousness,
Through the activities, and enjoyment.
Through the experience of knowledge
Continuous walk– none is stopped here,
It is not also possible to stop---
There is no way but go forward,
Backward is untrue imagination.
According to nature, situation and happenings
Someone is at front some at back,
Some one who is at back
Don’t neglect, Mind it,
You also crossed the same stage once a time.
Once a time, his conscious will come......"

— MahaAnand

Enlightenment Is Not Special

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~by Adyashanti

Do not think that enlightenment is going to make you special, it’s not. If you feel special in any way, then enlightenment has not occurred.

Who am I? /Who are You?

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We think we know more than others because we on the spiritual Path,that it's all a dream, the great Maya.

Maya is the divine hypnotist; awareness the divine de-hypnosis!

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Maya is the divine hypnotist; awareness the divine de-hypnosis! As we move into awareness & its de-hypnosis can we better enjoy the show of Maya -the mystery & illusion-the ups & downs of day to day life - from the best seats in the house!

— Divyaa Kummar


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We ourselves are not an illusioury part of Reality ; rather are we Reality itself illusorily conceived.

From "Fingers Pointing Towards The Moon"

It useless to seek the Real...

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“The Real cannot be faked! It is useless to seek the Real, you have only to give up illusion! While searching for the Real, you maintain the belief, the illusion.”

— Satyavan

Mind is Root of Illusion

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Any verbal formulation is not true save when it indicates something observable. The observed will have to be in relation to sensory inputs for only they are taken as proof.

The Ego Is An Illusion

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The ego is an illusion, but the problem herein lies, when we believe that we are the ego.

~Pamela J. Wells

— Pamela J. Wells

The Delightful Dance

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It pours forth.....
As if, away from me.......

Apart from me.......
Where I might more clearly see..........

My hopes....
My fears.....
My dreams.....
My visions......