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Peaks of pleasure

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Your peaks of pleasure
are dependent on ignorance and forgetfulness.
This is the nature of trances.

How remarkable they are!
Be prepared to give them up.

Be prepared to exchange them

So painful it is to be becoming enlightened - a true story

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So painful it is to be becoming enlightened.


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They say we're already the Self, God, but we are not aware of that fact, our consciousness is limited, there is ignorance.

But why is there ignorance?

Mind Games

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Yes, the thoughts can easily be stopped...... And then what?

Only true-spiritual revolutionary movement can save us

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Now in this extreme critical time, only true-spiritual revolutionary movement can save us. Also a true- spiritual high-flow-tide is growing up behind the screen.


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No, it seems that although I'm not to comment on anybody else's thoughts, I can still freely post my own moronic stupidy.


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I seem to have reached my allotted limit of comments, but lets see if I've reached my limit of blogging nonsense.

the right action

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...before the actual communion with the divine takes place, the human action will always suffer from the subjective motivation based on partial understanding of any given situation...

— Igor Kufayev


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In the absence of ignorance, there is only love.

— Eric Putkonen