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Soul Mates on Guru's Feet

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Who uses the Soul Mate function and what for?


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Years and years of struggle, and somehow always finding life coming up short….!!!
Never quite fitting right.
Something missing….

What are we?

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In our endless attempts to be more than we really are, we are less than we really are.

— Omkaradatta

Experience of God

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There is nothing that you know about God that is God. There is no idea of God that you can entertain that is God. There is no possible thought that you can have about God that is God. It makes no difference what your idea may be or what your concept may be, it remains an idea or a concept, and an idea or a concept is not God. And so every student must eventually realize that he has to rise above all his concepts of God before he can have an experience of God.

— Joel S. Goldsmith
Christian mystic

A raft to cross the river....

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When the Buddha explains these things using such concepts and ideas,
people should remember the unreality of all such concepts and ideas.
They should recall that in teaching spiritual truths the Buddha always uses these concepts and ideas in the way that a raft is used to cross a river.
Once the river has been crossed over,{ to attain
Enlightenment} the raft{ spiritual concepts and ideas } is of no more use, and should be discarded.

— Diamond Sutra

True or False

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Abandon false ideas, that is all. There is no need of true ideas. There aren't any.

— Nisargadatta Maharaj