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Peace Without Me

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If You Want Peace, You Have To Remove "Me" From The Equation.

— Pamela J. Wells

The First Sinner!

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Whom should I blame most?
When I looked at my inner most
I found myself worse than a ghost;
This is the truth, that I boast.
Whom should I blame most
Speaking the truth, I am the sinner first.

The Need To Have A Parallel Reality Falls Away.......

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Years ago, when I realized, that inspite of the shift, the seeing of the "no-self"......the "self", was very much alive and kicking......I was literally, broken down !

The "I" Thought

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"I" is a thought. Before that there was no "I".
There is a belief still, that "I" is more than just a thought.
"I" does not exist.
You have been on this path for so long, repeating this but there a belief still there.

— Elena Nezhinsky