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One "I", many "I"s, no "I"

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Your preconceptions determine what you see.

In other words, you see only what you are programmed to look for and to look through.

I Am

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M: You cannot possibly say that you are what you think yourself to be!

I Am

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a comment I wrote to lalo's question:
What the fuck does Nisargadatta mean by "I Am"?


Reduce yourself to a tiny dimensionless point

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Reduce yourself to a point, the tiniest one, a dimensionless one, not to Atman, not to being, not to Self, not to some other concept, just reduce yourself to a tiny dimensionless point.

Emotion in the Search beyond "I AM"

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Ramana Maharshi recommended exploring "Who am I?" Nisargadatta advised the earnest examination of the "I AM".

What does Ramana Maharshi's "I-I" stand for?

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I encounter the notion "I-I" quite often in Ramana Maharshi's texts while I haven't seen it elsewhere, not in the words of other Advaita teachers (e.g. Nisargadatta Maharaj) nor in scriptures.

Book of Revelation: Seals, chaff, chakras....?

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After my morning mediation, this thought came to mind: Is it possible that the seven seals written about in the Book of Revelations is a reference to the seven chakras?

"I am" is that which lies between "I" and "I am something"

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The notion "I am" is central and common to many of the spiritual paths.

I Am Not

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Your sense of being is the most fundamental sense you have upon awakening from sleep.

This is the meaning of the sense of "I Am".

I AM & Realisation

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At the outset, I feel that there is a clear and unmistakable difference between the approach of Soham or 'I am That' meditation and the path of Self Enquiry.