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Greatest Spiritual-Physical Nonsense

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"All are born in a similar manner".

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All people are born out of the semen of
father and blood of mother;
All have similar skin and flesh.
The whole creation has sprung from one Light (Jyoti)
may they be Brahmins or Sudras.
He further says :
Firstly, God created Light and then by His
Omnipotence were all men made.
From God’s Light, the entire universe has sprung.
Then, whom shall we call good and whom bad ? (Kabir Prabhati 1349-1)

— -Kabir Sahib,

extreme helplessness! and many articles in one...!

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some hard facts as kalyanakari shiv baba "who gives vani only once a day...

At The Feet Of The Master-1

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Am posting on a topic that has been a topic of contention for many a disciple...the human side of the master.


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"...Imagination is more Important than Knowledge."

-Albert Einstein...

"...Design is a plan of arranging elements in such a way as to best accomplish a particular purpose."

God become final blaming point! Why?

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Un-Consciously knowing themselves is GOD.
God is design from human's chakra which existed energy spool, or specific consciousness centre, links with human glands, which continuously works as transition and transmission point between divine sources following to glands. So each time human blame any god it represent individual glands. This sciences!

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan

The Supreme Law Of Human!

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No Guru is there for woman,
The Guru is worshipped by man,
The husband is worshipped by woman.
This is the Supreme law of human.
The husband is God and Guru for woman,