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What is karma?

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What is karma?

Bhagavad Geeta - Triple Gate of Hell: Lust, Anger, Greed


Triple is the gate of hell, destructive of the self -------- lust, anger, and greed; therefore, one should forsake these three.

Why I am going to hell and how I feel about it. Yeah Right!

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Recently, I stumbled upon a group of people that called themselves the authentic Israelites (Black Hebrew Isrealites).


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In few words, troubled life is hell, Either this trouble may occur on this earth, or in any subtle region.. Its hell.


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by far the worst demon, calamity, curse, catastrophe, nightmare; HORROR; civilization has ever faced
is not diseases, wars, invasions, cataclysms – world-vanishing meteors
.. NO, by far Far FAR
the worse HORROR for civilization
has ALWAYS been the rare ONE
that makes it all unreal.

Really, Really, REALLY.

— O'no

Paradise, Hell, & Heaven.

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Some people think that heaven and paradise are one with each other, regardless of there's a very big difference between heaven and paradise, paradise is the part of hell rather than that of heaven, IM


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How do you fill the abyss with light ?

False Gurus Cannot Rebel!

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False Gurus cannot rebel
Against fools but uphold them well,
Against untruth they cannot rebel
Nevertheless, false Gurus guard it well,
False Gurus cannot quell
Their egos but obey them well,

Begging, Charity & Donations ....

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Those who are under constant consternation
Look for charity, begging and donation.
What they teach is their mental hallucination
And hell is their permanent destination.