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What is karma?

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What is karma?

a truth about heaven!

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from my true experience diary:
it was 84-89 and 91-94 a near golden age.....in making....

would work,would meditate,all family abounding in happiness

will i make the cut! unofficial 71st acharya of sankara mutt! i have heaven plans through my child.

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consider i am doctor of palmistry!

i have seen enough hands to be a master of it!
and whoever i guided reached better state.

How to be saved

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The Bible teaches us that all men are sinners, and utterly unable to save themselves (Romans 3:23). Furthermore, the penalty for sin is eternal death and punishment (Romans 6:23).

Why I am going to hell and how I feel about it. Yeah Right!

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Recently, I stumbled upon a group of people that called themselves the authentic Israelites (Black Hebrew Isrealites).

Animal Heaven

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In this bit of information from The Council they explain where the life force or essence of an animal goes after it dies.

Heaven and hell

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We may create our own hell, but neither can we, nor do we need to create our own heaven. Just stop creating hell. The absence of hell is heaven.

— Omkaradatta

Something on heaven to think off!

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As i came to post Back karma effect-2
the posting of madan made me post more positive now...

heaven series ....
i will disclose more on heaven as time goes by...

bible words :::


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by far the worst demon, calamity, curse, catastrophe, nightmare; HORROR; civilization has ever faced
is not diseases, wars, invasions, cataclysms – world-vanishing meteors
.. NO, by far Far FAR
the worse HORROR for civilization
has ALWAYS been the rare ONE
that makes it all unreal.

Really, Really, REALLY.

— O'no

Paradise, Hell, & Heaven.

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Some people think that heaven and paradise are one with each other, regardless of there's a very big difference between heaven and paradise, paradise is the part of hell rather than that of heaven, IM