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Porfiri Ivanov

Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Porphyry (Porfiry) Korneyevich Ivanov, God of the Earth, Master of Nature, Порфирий Корнеевич Иванов
Main Countries of Activity: 
Date of Birth: 
February 20, 1898
Place of Birth: 
Orekhovka village, Luhansk region, Ukraine
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Date Left His/Her Body: 
April 10, 1983

Anna Daata Sukino Bhavantu

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Jai Guru Nimishananda

Is standard, secure and healthy life a good life?

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"Early to rise, early to bed, and be healthy, wealthy and dead."

This is a remarkable proverb.

Do you smoke?

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A practical ancient mystic formula

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Indians are loosing their identification with ancient invention

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India, Indian have contributed and are still continuously contributing to world’s entire.


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Recently there was a episode on CBS talking about Alzheimer's disease. Many years ago William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, addressed this issue.


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Many people believe that electronics take us away from our third eye and other spiritual endowments. What are your thoughts?

Stress - The killer of the physical

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With the holiday season approaching I thought it might be good to post something from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, about food and stress.

World's oldest & perfected pure ancient essences

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World's oldest & perfected pure ancient essences of life inner science which takes care the outer science been almost forgetting in progress by modern world. Now again it's taking shape in form of energy field, DNA correction nutrition and etc. All modern R&D will remain ERROR till agree Indian Siddhar's Principe. Eventually it has go back to the ORIGIN which is the 5th Human's highest intellectual evolution sciences 'Prapti Siddhi' Ancient Healing Techniques!

— Maharishi Paramahamsa