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Helpline during spiritual crisis

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when soul calls,

feeling like to cry..

when no truth in sight

wounded of lie..

when heart, full and heavy

But eyes go dry....

On Consciousness

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Just as there are healers of body, there are healers of consciousness. Some teachers act in such capacity.

People turning to faith healers for psychiatric treatment

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Where psychiatrists and shrinks cannot function (e.g. beyond the mind), healers sometimes can. Nowadays, many turn to healing therapies instead of to conventional mainstream psychology.

Relationship and Soul Continue

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Suffice it to say that, often, the direction we think things should go in with another does not become the direction that they actually go in.

New and learning, please share your interest with me.


I often wondered about the word 'Karma' being born in the U.S.A. I explored the subject and it's meaning when reading about Eastern thought and religion.

Soul Relationship

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