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"Voice of the Silence," "Shabd", or "Naam" according to Mohammedanism

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Among the Muslim Sufis, it is known as Sultan-ul-Azkar, (the king of prayers). Another order of Sufis calls it Saut-i-Sarmadi, (the Divine Song).

How will I know when I have found my true guru ?

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How does a person determine when they have found the guru who is karmically bound to lead them to enlightenment ?


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So for you have seen the disguised (Colored outfits) saints, now try to search the true saint who is blessed by the LORD, by whom you will be blessed.

How is your path going and is your ego in your way? (No Advice (Please) Just what are you experiencing?)

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This process is so unlike anything else I've been through...ego blockage, realization, more ego blockage, more realization, etc. It seems one's bigger than the next but it all leads to acceptance.

Awareness through Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji

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Today's Question:-

Why is Initiation considered very necessary for inner spiritual progress ?

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A, Do we not need a teacher for learning all empirical science—engineering, medicine, technology, industry and agriculture ?

"sant ka marag dharam ki pauri ko wadbhagi paye"

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in these lines baba nanak wants to transfer message that:-
some very lucky persons finds the way to god as shown by a true spritual master or teacher or saint

— by: guru nanakdev ji.

"Spirituality" Realisation Through Mouth Ulcers

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"Spiritualiy" Through Mouth Ulcers,
Once i was badly effected by Mouth Ulcers,
I was not able to chew the single bite of any food,
Someody recommended me a medicine named ORASORE GEL,

Hello! i am Rajj can any body help me in finding my spiritual guru.

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Hello! i am Rajj can any body help me in finding my spiritual guru.

Krushnam Vande Jagadgurum (by Guruji Shri Shiyogeshvara)

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Countless literature has been written and published on the Purna Avatar (Complete Manifestaion) of The God in human form “Bhagavan Shri Krishna” for centuries.