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Many paths to bliss - Speaking Tree Article (30 - 05 - 10)

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Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji's article had been published in Times Of India.
Please read the article and Injoy the Bliss.

Is Guru necessary in the path of Enlightenment ?

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My experience of Kundalini Awakening through Shaktipat with yogi madan gautam part--2

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"voice of silence","anahad shabad","bange illahi" or "anahad naad"

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what is "voice of silence" in christanity
what is "anahad shabd" in sikhism
what is "bange illahi" in muslims
what is "anahad naad" in hinduism

Guru Charts, Charts of the Heavens, Library, and Introduction to Sant Mat

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Guru Lineage Charts, Charts of the Inner Planes, Sant Mat Library, and Introduction to Sant Mat Spirituality

Difference Between: "Atma" "Mahatma" or "Parmatma"

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"Parmatma" or Parm + atma,means,"God" "Allha" "Rabb",
"Mahatma" or Maha + atma,means,Spritual Master,Guru,Saint...
"Atma" means sprit or soul,
MAHATMA is like a Ambessador betweem Parmatma & atma.

The Bhagavad Gita as motivational conversation By Deepamjee

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An extract from 'Thoughts on the Gita- By Deepam Chatterjee'



Whether to remain silence or to pray when we prostrate before God or Guru?

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Should the mind verbalise our needs or should it be in a state of silence when we prostrate at the feet of God or our Guru?

"Insult" is the most powerful weapon to kill "Ego"

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"Insult" is the most powerful weapon to kill "Ego"
By Reciving Plenty of "Insult",
Through comments,messages,or posts or any reply,
Gives me the most pleasent feeling on this site,