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Valid Guru

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an outside projection or hallucination of the "inner" Self.

he/she/IT/anything-and-anyone appears randomly
NOT with a dualistic cause-and-effect karma

Wickednesses of the Mind (for meditations)

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Mind forbids one to indulge in repetition by way of tiredness, laziness, sleep, idleness, wickednesses etc.

The Simplicity of the Little Child

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Studies of Spiritual or Religious beliefs, doctrines and practices can become very complicated.

Spiritual Fragrance

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Spiritual Fragrance is a monthly newsletter which focusses on revealing spiritual topics from a scientific perspective.

Man & Animals........

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Once there was a person he asked one "saint" what is the difference between man and animals.
man eats, animals too.
man struggle for the food, animals too
man fights for land & food, animals too


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Service to the Guru is exquisite love.


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Praise unto God

As I breath in and out,

my mind asks many questions,
how to get closer to God,
how to overcome my shyness and selfishness,
how the mind relates to infinity and to peace,

Primi, Primi Poklon

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Primi Primi Poklon is a song composed and performed by my spiritual sister Shiv Sharanya and me and dedicated to our Pujyapad Guruji Shri Shriyogeshvaraji.

Mesh of Deeds (Karmas)

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Our True Master is Sat Purush or Sat Guru.

Example of True Love

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Once their was a saint, he said his seekers, today i am very happy with all of you, come on raise your hands up if anybody within you wants to go heaven and see the god's home, every body sitting ther