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True guru-disciple relationship, nothing less

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Do you, spiritual seeker, take this great master to be your lovely wedded guru through sickness and through health, as long as you both shall live?

I do!

Everything is a spiritual lesson even if it is not

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Regard everything as if it is a spiritual lesson even if there is no metaphysical entity that orchestrated it with the intention to be a such, even if there is no soul of yours or a g

Would you like to be a spiritual teacher?

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people desired knowledge and as a consequence became doctors,

people desired to sing and as a byproduct became famous,

Why is a living guru necessary?

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I had a correspondence of interesting Q&A with a friend here. I take the liberty to share it as I think it may be of interest also to others.

Using the maya concept as an excuse

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Not to want to go to see where your beloved late guru, that you've never met, lived

and pay him a tribute

is like...

Not to want to have sex with that one that you love romantically

How Food affects our lifestyle?

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Shri Shri Guruji's reply:-

His Divine Grace (Teachings)

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1.Meditating on 'OM' is the means to remove sadness and attain happiness

2.Belief in GURU and you shall realise all the powers within you.

What is Satsang ?

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The holding of shows is not Satsang. The Satsang means the company with truth as Sat means truth and Sang means Company. The Satsang is the name of the union of the soul with the Lord.

The Importance of Sri Guru Charitra, Sri Guru Gita and Sri Sai Satcharitra

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Sai Ram. "Why should we read Sri Guru Charitra, Sri Sai Satcharitra and Sri Guru Gita etc.?" One well wisher has asked me this question.

Need information about Chandra Swami

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Anyone familiar with Chandra Swami, the one with the white beard who is silent from Dehra Dun in Uttar Pradesh (not the scam one who was trialed).