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Three levels of Reality

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The cosmos is an inverted tree with its roots in the havens (metaphorically speaking).

What is love?

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Love is where YOU are.

The one who enlivens the three forces within is YOU. When one is asleep emotions arise through the law of three forces (Tamas, Rajas, Sattva) working in automation.

Bhagavad Geeta - act by the gunas


True insight into the domains of guna and karma reveals that gunas as senses merely rest on gunas as objects. Knowing this, one does not become attached to anything.

Karma Yoga

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The core issue in any undertaking is the energy we bring to it. We can observe our emotions and see that they cannot be controlled by rational mind.

Three Forces

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I have written earlier about the Law of three forces (Gunas In Gita or Sankhya) and wish to explore it further. I claim no infallibility yet would say the interpretation is mine and open to scrutiny.