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Understand that you are already helpless and vulnerable to life's agenda. Trust that the intelligence of the Whole is managing your life and growth perfectly. For only with trust in life are you free from the burden of your spiritual ego’s constant effort to get it right.
Advaita’s understanding is very helpful as a hypothesis to support your existential enquiry, not as an unverified belief about truth.
Only in deep silent awareness, beyond the last trace of subtle thought, is truth fully revealed. And that sublime silence is given by the grace of God.

— Maitreya Ishwara

Awareness through Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji

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What is the surest way of gaining God's Grace, Pujya Guruji?

SadGuru Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji's reply:-

What I First Had to do to Transform?

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A year ago, I experienced a meltdown in every area of living. Work, relationship, health, home and spiritually. Those were the darkest moments.

Perfection and Responsibility/Love vs. Judgement

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I just heard it!

My master, Premodaya, says:

All the knowledge scrambled my brains

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Once upon a time life was simple.
There were joys and sorrow.
I could take the joys but not the sorrow.

I wanted to know understand what this was all about.

Then came knowledge.

Bird song-pt 4

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From: MAI

To: X...

Subject: integration of the nothingness and the everythingness.

Dear X,

Thank you for the interest that sparked the rather long response. hehehe.

The Grace of the Great Masters

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The Grace of the Great Masters

The following excerpt was taken from "The Summits of God-Life: Samadhi and Siddhi" by Sri Chinmoy.

Allowing Meditation to Happen

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"It is important to realize
that meditation techniques like
watching your thoughts
or resting your attention
on consciousness
are techniques and not meditation itself.

I Am and Grace

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But by the grace of God I am what I am

— The Apostle Paul

(1Corinthians 15:10a)

A Master's Following

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A Master's Following

The following excerpt was taken from "The Summits of God-Life: Samadhi and Siddhi" by Sri Chinmoy.