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is there any

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is there any similar site like gurusfeet.com

how to feel that we are not a body, by: OSHO

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simple technique to feel that we are not a body BY:OSHO.
just take two empty jars,
fill one jar with cold water another with hot water,


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CHRIST said that it is better to enter the world with one eye rather than two, which will cast you into hell. Everyone has got two eyes, which are open in the face.

Love is who we are and what we desire to do<deleted>

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Sorry this has been deleted

Beautiful conversation between soul and human being

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Here is a very interesting conversation with God. It is very inspiring and motivating as well...

Me: Tell me, why has life become complicated now?

Worship, God, Praying, Liberation!

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Work is worship, family is god, your responsible task is praying, continues exploration of all situation with peace without manipulation as it with COMPLETE self commitment are blissful state Living E

Purity of the Mind and Soul

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Impure is Brahma, impure is Inder;
Impure is the Sun and impure the Moon.
The world is defiled with impurity;
Pure is God alone who hath neither end nor limit.
Impure are the gods of the worlds;
Impure are nights, days and months.
Impure are pearls, impure are diamonds.
Impure are air, fire and water.
Impure are Shiv, Shankar and Mahesh.
Impure are Sidhs, Sadhiks and those who wear religious garbs;
Impure are Jogis and Jangams with their matted hair;
Impure is the body with soul.
Sayeth Kabir, only those who know God
Are pure

— BY: Kabir Sahib

do anybody knows the right path towards god

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please can any body tell me the right path towards god,sprituality,enlightenment or truth in simple words.

84 lacks of Births Before "Human being"

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There are 84 lacks of Births Before "human being",
as written in the holy books according to the saints.
A soul has to pass through 84lacks of births to reach the birth of "Humanbeing",

True Pilgrimage, Who is Great ? Saints or the Places of Pilgrimage

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"O Man ! You have bathed in the external places of pilgrimage, now also bathe in the internal true pool of Nectar (Amritsar, Mansarover) which removes all the impurities of the mind and the soul."