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Eternal Love

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Eternal Love

There is but One Love that I long for
There is but One Love everlasting
There is but One Love which awakens all beings
One Love,
Do you know This Love I speak of?

I Have Found God

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Throughout the Bible, and other scriptures as well, the term god appears. Many attributes are given this entity of deity including "infinite love".

God's Insult to Injury: Twice-Over

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... the overwhelmingly OBVIOUS Message in the Bhagavad Gita is that the “god” called Krishna
could do NOTHING, not even for his “beloved-one”, devotee, called Arjuna.

Delay in Reaching the Real Home of Initiated Souls

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When the disciple is reborn in the house of the Satguru i.e.

Romance with the GOD

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We have seen in many spiritual subjects that we should not have sexual intercourse to advance in this path, because, the semen is very powerful and should not be wasted during sexual intercourse.

Perfection and Responsibility/Love vs. Judgement

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I just heard it!

My master, Premodaya, says:

how to feel that we are not a body, by: OSHO

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simple technique to feel that we are not a body BY:OSHO.
just take two empty jars,
fill one jar with cold water another with hot water,

Acknowledgment: A Gateway to the Divine Presence

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Acknowledgment comes in many forms: a thank you note, a hug, even a slip of paper from the post office.

is there any

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is there any similar site like gurusfeet.com

Love is who we are and what we desire to do<deleted>

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Sorry this has been deleted