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Know GOD from a true spiritual point of view!

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God is the soul of the universe –The invisible total Mind of the Universe is the real God. All are aspects of this Total, including great beings called demi-gods.

osho was the best teacher

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has any one tried osho and his dhyan tecniquies, from a very long time i am practising the dhyan tecniquies by:

The most regardable person of guru's feet.com

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let all of the members of guru's feet.com should choose the most regardable person on this site, and always try not to become like him or her because "ego" or "I" is the main problem between man an go

Vedanta in a nut shell

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1. The unity of existence

"GURU" can also test his or her "DISCIPLE"

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"GURU" can also test his or her "DISCIPLE",

The Dance of Life

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Every soul is an expression of divine consciousness. The soul's individuality provides the distinctions required for the drama of life to unfold; the appearance of separation is a prerequisite for all interaction in the dance of life.
We are multidimensional beings with separate bodies, minds and souls. At the level of consciousness, however, we are all part of the eternal One, God-the-beyond.
This underlying oneness is revealed more and more as we grow slowly but inexorably in awareness and love. With the flowering of enlightenment, oneness becomes your everyday experience of divine life - in the ecstasy of freedom from yourself.
The purpose of life after enlightenment is to enjoy the wonder of oneness, love and bliss - and to be helpful to friends who are still suffering.

— Maitreya Ishwara

What is the purpose of life?

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do not waste your time.

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onece there was a person he asked one saint what is the difference between man and animals.
man eats, animals too.
man struggle for the food, animals too
man fights for land & food, animals too

Hello! Everybody I am noor, What is God?

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Hello! Everybody I am noor,
What is God?
What is Spirituality?
What is Meditation?
What is Enlightenment?
What is Living Guru?

Knowledge from the Sadguru

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Knowledge from the Sadguru:
The Sadguru (teacher of true knowledge of God, who is also a human incarnation of God) gives the right knowledge, even without your service. You can serve Him only when you are convinced. Your service to Him will help Him help others. Infact a Sadguru does not need your service because He is God Himself. He can help others by His own powers. But you will not get the right benefit from Him, because you did not show gratefulness to Him. Suppose a doctor gives you medicines for some illness without asking for fees and you get cured. If you do not pay his fees due to your greediness, even though you are capable of paying, you will die with a new disease.

— Dattaswami