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Food demands more food

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Food that we digest is incorporated into our body, a body which is nothing but food.

And this food-body, in turn, demands more food.

Mental time, clock time, process, and being

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Once you place your being on the timescale, suffering begins.

What is Satsang ?

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The holding of shows is not Satsang. The Satsang means the company with truth as Sat means truth and Sang means Company. The Satsang is the name of the union of the soul with the Lord.


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Rajayoga Power Transcedental (RPT)

*No Dietary Restrictions
*No need to give up one’s social life
*Can do Meditation any time (Except between 11am-2pm)


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"Radha adh surat ka naam" "Swami adh shabad nijdham"
"Surat aur Shabad Radhasoami" "dono naam eak kar jani"
in these lines the author want's to describe the meaning of "Radhasoami"

Joy of Heaven......

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Luminous father Illuminate me with your Ever Luminous Joy!
Spread that everpresent Fragrance to all your children....

I am not the body,
I am not the mind,

Total Abyss

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Total Abyss©

Slowly, the water rises up - the whirlpool engulfs me

Deeper and deeper into darkness, I can no longer see

Numbness overtakes, coldness sets in…emptiness

god is (poem)

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god is music.
god is movies.
god is that random guy i just talked to for five minutes in line at the grocerie store.
god is homeless.
god is starving.
god is wealth and burden.

A true religious man

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A true religious man is he who rises above duality and searches for the golden principles of true religion by adopting which the mind is cleansed and freed from greed, hatred, enmity, violence and jea


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Love is not love that is the result of our outward enjoyments, the physical enjoyments. Everybody repeats that he loves God, that he loves somebody, but how many really know what love is?