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Devotion, Faith, Sense Control & Peace in Gita Chapter 4 Verse 39

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In one of my favourite verse of Gita three ingredients have been outlines to achieve the fourth which is the Goal of Spiritual practice.

Detached Attachment

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While climbing up using a rope one has to hold the rope with one hand and leave the other. This process of holding and leaving the rope continues till one reaches the end of the rope.


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There are broadly two ways of enquiry. One is to see all the observed (seen) phenomenon as behaving according to a law transient and not self. This includes the Sankhya view. To quote Gita


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As we may be well aware there are differing approaches given by different Acharyas (Teachers).


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mama yonir mahad brahma, tasmin garbhaḿ dadhāmy aham
sambhavaḥ sarva-bhūtānāḿ, tato bhavati bhārata (Gita 14.3)

Karma Yoga

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The core issue in any undertaking is the energy we bring to it. We can observe our emotions and see that they cannot be controlled by rational mind.

Why is Conscience covered?

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What sets us apart from animals is "our open-ended ability to imagine and reflect on different situations, and our deep-seated drive to link our scenario-building minds together."

Illusion, Real and True

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It will be useful to distinguish between the three levels of perception of Reality with are illusion, Real and True.

Yoga & Moderation

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Love is to be poised in between attachment and indifference.

Vedanta & Gita

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While Vedanta or Upanishads were considered a secret, Teachings of Bhagavada Gita were available to masses.