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What ONE WORD do you most embody?

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In other words, what ONE WORD best describes you or what ONE WORD would you like family & friends to use most frequently in reference to you?

Soul Mates on Guru's Feet

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Who uses the Soul Mate function and what for?


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Pondering on the amazing things that come up from synchronicity – all the people who appear in our lives at just the right time. Sometimes some are like the oven which warms the kettle.

To all the 'Newly-Discovered-Advaita (And other truths)' warrior friends...

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A one-act play (alleged written) by Jeff Foster

[Based on a true story!]

Friends For Ever..............

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Dedicated to my True Friends~~~~

I Know not What is Best and What is Worst!
I Know that You are my True Friend......

I Know not any Worldly Relation!

Episode 7,Descent into alcoholism ,journey to Canada,dreams of Prabhupada.

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A week or so after his "death," I had the most amazing and vivid dream of him;I was at a friends house and there was a knock on the door,I went to answer it and there was Tirthapada,the same face and