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How Meditation Takes You to Freedom

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"Meditation is a bit
like gardening.

You plant some carrot seeds
and then every day
you water it,
you pull the weeds,
you nourish
the carrot plant
in every way you can.


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"To the extent you give freedom to others to be what they are, to that extent you are free."

— Swami Dayananda Saraswati

The right action

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No amount of common sense, a good will or being responsible is enough to act rightly and to perform the right action, because all those notions are always individually bound by man-made concepts and however noble in their agenda will always fall short of the action performed in freedom from the karmic influences...
...The absolute right action is based on one's level of awareness which in turn rests on being established in the Self. That is the only criteria for the right action. When man acts without longing, freed from the duality of the opposites, firmly established in Self-referral state, he is fit for the action which always promotes peace and evolution...

— Igor Kufayev

the real truth behind truth

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the real truth behind truth:

"God's only begotten son," Jesus,
became man to give mankind just one truth

"The truth will NOT set you free
it will get you killed."

truth's freedom

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the truth will NOT set you free
it will get you killed.

— Jesus

Be free of the world

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Be free of the world. Only then are you free to participate in it. Otherwise you are bound to your attachments, and you cannot act freely.

— Omkaradatta

Surrendering into Freedom

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"It is important
to start with practices
and teachings.

You follow a path,
you follow Advaita
Zen, Bhakti Yoga, Shakti
or any other valid
path to enlightenment.

And you do take on

How to Experience True Freedom

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"When you value presence
more than anything else
then you are free.

Whether you experience presence
as consciousness, as awareness, as silence,
as stillness, as energy,

Enlightenment: How to Attain Freedom from Separation

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is not your natural state.

You are not separate from
everything and trying
to get to oneness.

You are doing separation.

You are actively
separating yourself

Spirituality versus Religion

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Spirituality is a recognized necessity for total freedom. Religion is a discipline of the inherited cultural phenomena distilled into community for the sake of a social order.

— Igor Kufayev