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Birthname: Tapan Garg
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Pune, Maharashtra, India
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Free(ze) your mind and the rest will come

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If you can't free your mind, then at least freeze your mind. All you have to do is to add Ze to Free and the rest will come.

Asangoham Punah Punah ( I am unattached, again and again)

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असंगोहम् का क्या अर्थ है?

Joy of Heaven......

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Luminous father Illuminate me with your Ever Luminous Joy!
Spread that everpresent Fragrance to all your children....

I am not the body,
I am not the mind,

Realize Your Freedom

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"The root of all of your problems
is your attachment to thoughts.

If you are unattached
to the thoughts arising,
then bliss is your very nature.

If you can realize this one point,

Repeat after me: I am free

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This picture is an old internet find of mine that I thought to revive.


Celibacy, sex, Mother Earth, Father Sky and being human...

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I have been celibate most of my life,just because thats my preferance and not for religious or moral reasons.

That Love

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That love has no rules
No rules whatsoever
Not moral, not bureaucrat
And not rules of the gender.

In times for the worse
And in times for the better
Awake or asleep
Always try to remember:

I am a mirror of you

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Freedom in our hearts, peace in our hearts
Comes with joy and true understanding
This spiritual path gives us insight and mindfulness

The Dance of Life

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Every soul is an expression of divine consciousness. The soul's individuality provides the distinctions required for the drama of life to unfold; the appearance of separation is a prerequisite for all interaction in the dance of life.
We are multidimensional beings with separate bodies, minds and souls. At the level of consciousness, however, we are all part of the eternal One, God-the-beyond.
This underlying oneness is revealed more and more as we grow slowly but inexorably in awareness and love. With the flowering of enlightenment, oneness becomes your everyday experience of divine life - in the ecstasy of freedom from yourself.
The purpose of life after enlightenment is to enjoy the wonder of oneness, love and bliss - and to be helpful to friends who are still suffering.

— Maitreya Ishwara