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It is necessary to analize, the dual and nondual state of mind.

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Disappointments in religion,god glorification, scriptural studies and yogic practice and science imply a error of ignorance, and creates the doubts and confusions.


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If you are nothing than you are everything.

— crazydiogene

There is neither waking nor dream without the witness.

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The Awakened Mind knows that 'I', which appears and disappears, as mind, is spirit or Ataman, in its substence. And it never losses sight of this fact.

Ataman or self pervades all the three states.

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Ataman or self is indeed pervading all the three states. All the three states are in Ataman. This is knowledge. Therefore 'I' neither to be renounced nor or be destroyed,nor to be accepted as real.

Dobts and confusion are main ingredients in spritual pursuit

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Doubts and confusions are main ingredients in pursuit of truth.

Without knowing what I is in certanity, it is imposible to unfold th ultimate truth.

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Seeking truth on the base of 'I' thought is erroneous. The thought limits the 'I' to the physical entity. Thought is expression of physical entity.

What is it ,which is aware of experince duality and non duality

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Prior to appearance of the mind, there is neither the person not his experience of the world, it was non dual reality,which was identified by Buddha as emptiness or nothingness.

God Everywhere

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God is one but He dwelleth in every man. Hinduism recognise as many manifestations of God as there are creatures in His universe. But Hinduism never admits polytheism nor does it reprove another's method of worship. This is why the Hindus never took to sword to do away with the Non-Aryan's worship of too many gods and goddesses. Nor did they prevent the aboriginals from worshipping God according to their traditional customs and belief. As a result of this, the worship of many gods and goddesses gradually found its way into Hinduism which is in reality monotheistic. This is the worst evil that has come upon the Hindu society because of its catholicity. Many great men have dedicated their whole life to save the Hindu society from this evil and many more will yet be born to bear the torch.

— Swami Swarupananda Paramhansa

AMMACHI's Birthday Celebration

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09/05/2008 - 05:06

AMMACHI's Birthday Celebration

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