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The word "lacuna" means gap - absence, deficiency, lack of something. It has different uses in different contexts:

Manuscripts - a missing section of text.

"To Thine own self be true"

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When I was growing up on this ranch there was a large impressive monument and it was inscribed with this saying' "To Thine Own Self Be True" and I could never understand what it really meant and I wou

A magical me! 2nd episode...

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iwas ++in the womb of my mother , when not having a home was refered and duly my brain scripted a house in the future coming years as i also know palmistry i confirm that our house building is writte

transcendental aloneness! (the name itself is enough)

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pathanjali yoga:
1:2 yoga is thoughtless awareness.

etc etc check the verses for its concurence

1:3 then the seer is established in his own nature.

to kaivalya pada

spritual love! or quest!

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son u must suffer pangs like a man grasping for breath in water before u can realise god truly....

— ramakrishna paramahansa....

sakar (like us) nirakar (formless)

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world is creation of an almighty called krishna.HEis the matterial at center of universe from where big bang starts (bhagwat3rd scandh) and HE expand and become universe.krishna means intence attracti

a magical me! seventh episode! the parable!

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i was four years old
when i was asked to explain the parable.....

and in that time i was forked tongued like lord of the universe in revelation and etc...

Seer or The First Person

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Dream state and waking state are mutually exclusive in the sense that being in one precludes the other.