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Spiritual benefits of eating with the hands

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Indian people eat with their bare hands, actually with the right hand (left hand is considered unclean as it is used for wiping the bottom etc.)

Food demands more food

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Food that we digest is incorporated into our body, a body which is nothing but food.

And this food-body, in turn, demands more food.

How Food affects our lifestyle?

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Shri Shri Guruji's reply:-

Anna Daata Sukino Bhavantu

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Jai Guru Nimishananda

Food Dictates What you think

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Shri Shri Nimishananda

Vegetarianism and Spirituality - from ancient times to the present

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This is a text by Tony Samara except where quoted:


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According to Hindu scriptures Mind is made out of subtle portion of food that we eat.

Stress - The killer of the physical

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With the holiday season approaching I thought it might be good to post something from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, about food and stress.

Food and Consciousness

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Gross Body, Vital Body and Mental Body can be traced to the three types of food that we ingest viz food and water, air that we breathe and the sense impressions (on which they depend).

Foods - Part One - Eating what We Consider Unusual Foods

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Questioner: We were discussing eating meat; we were talking about the animals that we normally consider food, which I would immediately think of beef and fowl and fish and so forth.