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Chakra Dhyan

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I want to concentrate on my crown chakra.
Any technique/tip/advice/trick/anything that would aid me in concentrating on my crown?

Accomplishing the task at hand

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Belief, Faith, Determination - even if you have any one of them you can accomplish anything in life. The three may seem different, but they help you reach the same goal, which is successful accomplishment of the task at hand. Water can come from different sources, but it still quenches thirst. So be determined, focus on your goal and work towards it chanting the Guru's name.

— His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda

Super Attitude

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Decide How to React

Some soul strring programs!

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i have a feast of fairy tales program to start my life jouney with...
1) hope all get such a beginning...

2) honi anhooni speaks on science and sprituality...