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Knowledge is not necessarily power

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"Knowledge is power" told us our parents over and over again. Naturally, they wanted to convince us to be good students, to go to college, to go to university.

Nothing really changes in me

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Nothing really changes in me. The same old conditioning more or less as when I was a child.

Don't fear not to fear

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Don't fear not to fear.

I know you think fear protects you against dangers.

That without it you wouldn't survive.

That's not true.

I tell you.

A spiritual acrobat with a trampoline underneath

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I think this is a beautiful quote:

The Spiritual Acrobat

The Fear of Love

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We often hear about the play between Love and Fear. How one can't "see" the Love because it is "hidden" by fear. Or that True Love drives out all fear, and all the other clichés.

Fear of stagnation

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I've seen people here on Gurusfeet apparently afraid of some such thing like "intellectual stagnation", or of going off on their own and becoming at peace, without any seeking, completely still inside

Accepting fear

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Fear, I don't fear you anymore.

That means you can enter.

Step inside.


And to other parts of the body.

And the world.

The Child behind the Mask

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When I was about 22 years old, I had the most extraordinary experience. I was having trouble with depression, and in the middle of a confusing identity crisis.


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"Seek, and you shall find."


The Mirror

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One of the hardest things is to see yourself as you really are. A most telling way to see yourself is through the eyes of others. Watch how they respond to you.