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Fear of Emptiness

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Emptiness = Voidness = Nothingness = Shunyata

Fear of Emptiness = horror vacui

Quotes of gurus relating to the fear of emptiness:

Fear, Pressure, Worries

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Fear, Pressure, Worries - the sacred trinity of miserable quality of life which unnoticeably has become a norm for almost everyone.

How to cope with fear?

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Someone asked me:

Too much fear is sprouting, what to do?

My answer was:

Religions instigate guilt

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In a very popular pray sang by Jews in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, there is a sentence that goes as follows:

We have sinned before you, have mercy on us.

Beware of your interpretations

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MMMM, I am the manifestation of god almighty and only I. You are nothing. But you have this opportunity to learn from my words. Therefore listen to me carefully with no trace of vanity.

Are you jumpy when you watch a horror movie?

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Are you jumpy when you watch a horror movie?

If you are then you are not ready yet to awaken from the illusory reality.

The importance of romantic relationships for self realization

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They say experiencing romantic relationship is important for self realization. They are correct!

Don't forget to also accept the consequences

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Sometimes accepting something undesirable means also to accept the undesirable consequences of this something.

Are you truly convinced that you are not the body?

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You read numerous testimonies of realized ones that said you are not the body.

You agreed with the logic in that.

You understood it intellectually.

Live your life the same way you drive your car

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Live your life the same way you drive your car.