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Two dominant yet conflictive personalities within the same person, does it sound familiar?

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There are many personalities within a person, not just one as we tend to believe.

Celibacy, Chastity, and the Spiritual Life

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When I was an Anglican Monk, one of the curious things was how many people would perceive the idea of a monk.

Worship, God, Praying, Liberation!

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Work is worship, family is god, your responsible task is praying, continues exploration of all situation with peace without manipulation as it with COMPLETE self commitment are blissful state Living E

What ONE WORD do you most embody?

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In other words, what ONE WORD best describes you or what ONE WORD would you like family & friends to use most frequently in reference to you?

relation b/w god guru and parents

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lokking around yourself u find urself to be submerged in magnitude of problems.problem of adjustment,of acceptance,of curbing the monstrous ego problems..and the list goes on....

We have one Father

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This Earth is One Family...
We have One Father...
Without knowing our father..we are Orphan!

— Self