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A cheat sheet to recognize a bogus guru

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With so many faked gurus around, I think we should construct a cheat sheet with guidelines based on each one's experience on how to recognize (or at least suspect) a bogus guru...

Plastic Flowers - or - The law of the imperfect perfect

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Compare a perfect plastic flower to an imperfect genuine flower - which one of them is more perfect?

He who calls himself swami

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He who calls himself swami...

He who lets others call him swami...

He who agrees even to his guru's wish to be called swami...

He is, of course, not a swami.

Self Proclaimed God & Guru

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Who claims himself God
Know him to be full of fraud.
Who claims Guru on his own
Know him to be a perfect clown.
'Cause God and Guru even disown
The merit that They really own.